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Welcome to the Alberta Teachers’ Association Specialist Council event page for the 2021/2022 school year.  These events are sponsored by the 21 specialist councils of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. All active teachers in the ATA are entitled to one no-cost Specialist Council membership and can subscribe to as many other councils as they like.  To join a council, members can click on https://bit.ly/SpecialistCouncilJoin.

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Council for Inclusive Education (CIE)

Supporting and leading all teachers in building inclusive practices, learning environments and communities.

Leading and advocating effectively for professional issues locally and provincially.

Goal 1: Enhance communications and networking opportunities for members.
Goal 2: Provide professional development and resources for members.
Goal 3: Elevate the Council for Inclusive Education as a recognized leader in inclusive education in Alberta.

The Council for Inclusive Education (CIE) seeks to advance the education of students with special needs and to improve the teaching practices and resources of those working on behalf of special needs students throughout Alberta.

To carry out its mandate, the CIE liaises with government agencies and other groups to influence the development of provincial and local policies and to ensure that such policies enhance the education of special needs students. The Council works to increase public awareness of the necessity for education for special needs students and encourages and supports educators with new and innovative ideas.
Through its annual conference, the Council provides opportunities for networking and for professional development. In addition, the Council holds an annual award ceremony to recognize outstanding individual service to students with special needs.

What is the Council for Inclusive Education (CIE)?
• A specialist council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
• An organization that serves to advance teaching practices and increase the resources of staff working on
behalf of students throughout the province of Alberta
• A professional organization for the teachers of students with diverse learning needs within the province of Alberta

Why have a Council for Inclusive Education?
• To influence practices and improve the quality of resources for teachers of students with diverse needs
• To provide strong networking opportunities through professional development activities
• To influence the development of provincial and local policies and programs enhancing the education
of students with diverse needs
• To promote inclusive education within public education
• To increase our members’ awareness of inclusive education and public education

How is it beneficial to you?
• Reduced rates at the annual conference, Celebrating the Challenges
• Publication of newsletters containing relevant information related to the education of students
with diverse needs
• Access to the CIE website
• Access to the CIE peer-reviewed journal
• Promotion and support of provincial and regional workshops
• Access to the support of regional councils
• Encouragement and support of teachers’ innovative practices through CIE annual awards
• Collaboration and cooperation with other professional development providers, community agencies and
organizations working on behalf of children with diverse needs

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The CIE publishes The Inclusive Educator newsletter (formerly The Special Educator).